Hi, I'm Arvita!

I specialize in regulated industries, where I’m best known for crafting product, data, and AI strategies that help companies speed through product development to revenue generation.

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Career Highlights & Impact

Led multiple 0 to 1 product development programs for SaaS and medtech products with first year revenue greater than $25M.

Implemented product delivery process improvements that accelerated time to launch by 35% resulting in capture of $81M in additional revenue.

Designed and implemented strategic product framework that led to 117% increase in new product development efficiency. This resulted in the launch of four new products in the first year, which collectively generated an additional $2.3M in revenue.

Defended against multiple regulatory authority inspections without findings.

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Arvita is skilled at bringing both structure and strategy to the complexities of driving a product from inception to market, easily adapting to the various needs of each product development stage.

Arvita has an incredible knack for leading teams responsible for the design and development of highly complex SaaS products.

Melissa McLean

Arvita is committed to making others better, and puts people and long-term results ahead of short-term goals.

George Chan, Ph.D.

Arvita asks poignant questions that would push others to rethink assumptions. She has an impressive set of leadership skills, which enable her to develop and promote a positive, high-performance work culture.

Andrew Paterson

Arvita was able to help prioritize which go-to-market strategies would be successful. She is committed and passionate about delivering her projects on time and done well!

Michael Morgan-Curran

Arvita is an approachable expert with a collaborative approach that crafts win-win strategic solutions that meet regulatory, legal, and business requirements, while protecting the brand equity.

Chase Galaviz
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